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Chase Anthony refuses to leave his mom and dad's bed!


Chase is a growing little boy! His size would not be a problem if he would simply sleep in his own bed. Chase's mom and dad work hard to encourage him to sleep in his room, but he has no plans of leaving their bed. He has been sleeping with his parents for years and cannot seem to understand why he has to stop now. Are his parents asking for too much too soon?




The Author, Natalie Jeans, makes this collection relatable to children and parents. Each book is guaranteed to teach your children valuable lessons.


Ages 4-8 Years

Preschool-3rd Grade

I’m NOT leaving mommy and daddy’s Bed

    • Paperback:  28 Pages
    • Publisher:  Natalie Jeans Publishing, Inc.
    • Language:  English
    • ISBN:  978-1-7342375-1-1
    • Product Dimensions:  9 x 8 x 0.5 inches
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