• Natalie J

"Nat": The little girl from Lexington, TN

If you know me personally, you more than likely call me by my nickname, "Nat". If you do not know me, you will soon enough, and you too will be calling me by my nickname.

If you were to ask my family, they would say that I was a loud, silly, extremely hyper, sometimes obnoxious, overly dramatic child. I was a tomboy, so I was constantly coming home with scrapes, dirty clothes and my little sandy red hair all over my head. I enjoyed dancing and singing. I would sing and dance with my sisters, cousins and friends. Regardless of who I was with, older or younger, I was always the dance or song coordinator. Some would say I was "Bossy", but you cannot believe everything you hear.

I believe I have made some adjustments with age. I am still very competitive and love to watch and play sports. Although I have not played basketball in a few years, I will still shoot your lights out. Don't let the makeup and heels fool you...I am still loud, especially when I am excited about something. My sisters call it annoying, I call it being passionate. I will also say that I do not consider myself to be dramatic now. I am older, so I consider myself to be colorful and artistic. Oh and as for my bossiness, I'd like to think that I have outgrown that as well. I am simply concise and detailed. Now what I cannot do is try to put a spin on my silliness. It is what it is, I love to joke because I like to laugh and I like to make people laugh.

Vulnerable Moment:

I had the chickenpox when I was younger and it was unbearable! It itched so badly and I could not help it, I scratched all the time. Regardless of how many times my mom told me that I would cause scars, I did not care, I had to find some relief. I was hard-headed like most children and sure enough I had scars all over my arms and legs. They were extremely noticeable on my legs. I would often be questioned by my peers and some would just stare. All of my friends had beautiful, flawless legs and I did not. The scars caused me to be extremely self-conscious about showing my legs, so I always wore pants to school and long skirts to church. I could not avoid showing my legs when I played basketball, so I would literally wear long, boy socks that came all the way up to my knees (see pictures). When I was in high school, I participated in pageants and I would use make-up to cover the scars. It wasn't until I got to college that I let go of my insecurity. I was tired of being ashamed and it took too much effort to hide it, so I just flat out stopped caring what people thought.

I am Nat from Lexington, TN and I am proud of my sandy hair, my loudness, my silliness, my conciseness (I will not use the word bossy), my tomboy ways, and my imperfect skin. These are all of the things that make me, ME!