The Author

Born and raised in Lexington, TN, Natalie was a child that loved to express herself through music and writing. She grew up writing poetry. She won first place in her 5th grade poetry contest with a poem called “Courage.” Through life’s changes, exciting events or simply moments of inspiration, she used her writing as an outlet.


Natalie attended Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN, where she studied Psychology and had plans of becoming a child psychologist. During her time in college, she met Ryan Jeans. The two married in 2010, and had their first child, Chase Anthony Jeans, on January 6, 2013. He was born four months premature with a severe brain bleed and was later diagnosed with Hydrocephalus. Since birth, Chase has undergone several surgeries due to his condition but is a happy and healthy, growing boy. Chase is Natalie’s writing inspiration, and she credits him for many of her book ideas. All of her children’s books are “Chase Approved.”


Although she did not follow her plans of becoming a child psychologist, she did follow her passion and is now a children’s book author. Her first published book, “Always in My Prayers, Forever in My Heart,” is written from the perspective and experience of her son after the loss of his baby sister. This was a difficult life experience for Natalie and Ryan, but it was more difficult for Chase. He simply could not understand the situation, so Natalie decided to try and explain things through storytelling. She read it to Chase and not only did he love it, he also received clarity. Natalie’s hope is that this book helps other young children learn how to cope with the loss of a loved one.

Fun Facts

  • Family Feud—One of the most exciting and most embarrassing moments of my life.


  • Extra in the movie “Stomp the Yard”—If you blink you will miss me.


  • Former Step Team Coach (Middle School & High School)


  • Did not learn to swim until I got married—I’m still not the best swimmer, so point me to the kiddie pool.