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About Natalie

Born and raised in Lexington, TN, Natalie grew up in a Christian family and accepted Christ into her life at a very young age. Her grandfather was a preacher, so attending Sunday school and church was not optional. She began singing in a community choir called the Agape Choir at the age of nine years old. She was the youngest lead singer in the choir. The first solo she ever sang was “I’ll Fly Away.” When she went to college, she joined the Olive Branch Missionary Baptist Church praise team in Murfreesboro, TN. Natalie moved to the Memphis, TN area in 2012 and is currently a member of Hope Church in Cordova, TN, where she sings on the Front Line.

Natalie began writing poetry in the 5th grade, which developed into songwriting at the age of 17. In college, she would sing hooks for local artists. She worked with Christian Hip Hop Artist, Derek Minor, on a couple of projects while at Middle Tennessee State University. Natalie credits her grandmother, Ruby Jean Ellis, for her love of singing and music. After the passing of her grandmother in 2018, she recorded a private project titled, “Why I Sing,” which included all of her grandmother’s favorite gospel songs. The project was only shared with her close friends and family.

Natalie met her husband, Ryan Jeans, in college and the two married in 2010. They had their first child, Chase Anthony Jeans, in 2013. Chase was born four months premature with a severe brain bleed and was later diagnosed with Hydrocephalus. Since birth, Chase has undergone several surgeries due to his condition, but he is a happy and healthy growing boy. He is their miracle child. In April 2019, Natalie delivered a baby girl, Cooper Danielle Jeans, who was stillborn. As she mourned the loss of their daughter, Natalie went to a place of solitude where God brought her peace and understanding. During this time, God revealed His purpose for her life. She connected with producers Alex Teamer out of Los Angeles, CA and Chris Adams out of Raleigh, NC to complete her first professional project, an EP titled, “Broken Masterpiece.” All of the songs were inspired by the loss of her daughter and her life’s trials. Natalie continues to release new music, all produced by Chris Adams and Ahmod Goins from Raleigh, NC.

Natalie is focused on being obedient and fulfilling God's purpose. Her goal is to write music that glorifies God, while also renewing and encouraging others to be unashamed of His goodness and power.

Natalie J Shows

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